Spool Antenna


The Tech Prepper tried this antenna setup for a 40 meter NVIS antenna. I wanted to see if I could get enough wire on here to make up to an 80 meter antenna. I bought 22 guage silicone wire for this project.

I pulled the paracord clothes line out. I heated a panel nail up and melted a hole in the center of the spindle. I then just ran the wire through the hole and tied a knot in the wire. I then put the spool back together and wound the wire up in the spool. 65 ft of wire barely fit but it did fit.

Now the good thing about this setup is that it is a multiple band antenna. All you need to do is use the antenna formula 234/freq= length in ft and pull out that much on each leg and measure the SWR. I would start a foot shorter than the length you get with that formula and start your scan there. Once you found the perfect SWR for that band mark the antenna somehow. I used yellow electrical tape. Then all I have to do is pull out to that piece of tape and then tie it off.

Another cool spool option you can see down below.

One thought on “Spool Antenna

  1. Also known as “yo-yo” antennas. The metallic colored sharpies (silver, gold, copper) work quite well to mark black wire insulation.

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