First off download AT Options. There is a link below to download it. Unzip the file and open AT Options.

Plug the radio in. Turn the radio on. Once the radio is on select the correct Com Port.

Read the radio. After the radio is read it should look like the picture below.

If the Band Setting Password box doesn’t show a password and the Frequency doesn’t show the Mode close the program and reboot it. I had this problem multiple times with the 578. I have no idea why it was doing it. The 878 worked right the first time.

The mode we want is mode 14. That gives us ALL the frequencies on all three bands.

Once mode 14 is selected write back to the radio. The radio will reboot and if you try messing with it at this point you will see you have none of the options you want.

Next without unplugging the radio open up the Anytone CPS for your radio. Select the correct Com Port and read the radio.

Next go to Model in the upper right-hand corner of the CPS and select it.

Then in the Frequencys box select Mode 14 and hit ok.

This is going to delete everything so you will have to rename and re-id your radio. Also, you will have to select a channel to the zone. There should be 2 channels there to select. Use the center right facing arrow button to move at least one channel from the Available Channel box to the Zone Channel Member box. At this point you can write to the radio or finish writing your Codeplug. I have 4 radios all with different radio names and radio ID’s so I would put these in before writing to the radio.

One other setting you need to make sure is on is in Optional Setting- Work Mode. Make sure you have it set to Amateur Mode and not Professional Mode. Remember to write to the radio after making all the changes you want in the software.

Another setting I found was off was after all this was done the squelch was open on the analog frequencies. On the radio go to settings-radio set-other func- Ana Sq Level- and then select Ana SG 1. That should fix the open squelch problem.


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