Encrypting The Anytone 878 & 578



There are definitely some nuances in encrypting the 878 and 578. First off if you are planning on opening up either radios like I describe in my article Opening Up The Anytone AT-D878UV and AT-D578UV do that first before programming the encryption otherwise it will end up deleting all the encryption keys you put in unless you save it to a CVS file which is also in that same article.

On to the encryption.

Open the CPS of whichever radio you are planning on encrypting.

Make sure you select the correct comms port.

Read the radio. (You don’t necessarily have to do this step)

Then on the left hand side goto DIGITAL and click it.

Then go down to AES Encryption Code

Double click AES Encryption Code and the window below should pop up. Then click on NO. 1

After clicking on No. 1 the window below should pop up. Next select Encryption ID and select number 1. After that put a 64 character encryption key in the Encryption Key box. You can make it up or use a 64 character password generator online. You can use numbers, letters, and characters. I mainly use numbers and upper and lower case letters.

Below is what it should look like after you are done. If you do not use 64 characters it will fill the rest in with zeros.

After hitting ok from the pic above you should see something like in the pic below. Now just repeat this process 2 through 32 if you want that many keys in the radio.

After adding you 64 character encryption key goto Optional Settings and make sure AES is selected

Once you have all this done you can write to radio as seen below.

Now that we have written the encryption keys to the radio we need to see if it actually worked. First off make sure the channel or frequency you have it on is a digital channel and not analog. Second off goto settings.

After settings goto channel set

Scroll down to Digi Encrypt and select it.
Once you select Digi Encrypt scroll to the desired encryption key

Ok I do believe that is about it. If anyone has had different experiences with this I would love to hear about it. If I missed something I would love to hear about it.


12 thoughts on “Encrypting The Anytone 878 & 578

  1. Does the AnyTone encryption encrypt transmission meta data as well (e.g. the senders DMR ID) or only the voice data stream? If not how are you protecting your DMR ID from being detected and thus traced back to you?


  2. Thanks for the update on the DMR ID.

    Any updates on why AES isn’t working when Mode 14 is enabled? I have two 878’s on order that should arrive this week.

    BTW – Another good resource for man-portable digital HF radio is: http://oh8stn.org/


      1. I’d be very interested in some help with this. I use Band 14 as well due to our business band repeaters and our ham repeaters. Our work requires our radios network traffic to be encrypted. Thank you.

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